Advanced Yoga Training

What makes us stronger as yoga teachers is whatever brings us closer to ourselves. 

In this advanced training we address the deeper layers of the yoga practice. Ancient texts and holy books, contemporary views on psychology and healing, the art of self-development and spiritual research, sequencing and adjustment in the classroom are all covered in this 50 hour training.

Who is this course designed for?

This is not material for beginning students, it is the deepening of knowledge touched upon in 200 hr teacher trainings, as well as techniques and topics essential to the art of understanding and teaching yoga as a complete system. This training will be beneficial to dedicated students with 2+years of consistent dedicated practice, and to yoga teachers with 200hrs + training.

Modules 1-4 are open to yoga students, those teachers who require certification will follow the full course (M 1- 5). You may follow modules individually or in combination!

Start Date: January 2018

About Our Modules:

Module 1: Come With Spirit – Integrating Bhakti Yoga
Module 2: Aligning - Integrating Yoga Adjustments
Module 3: Authentic Voice - A Personal Growth Project
Module 4: Yoga Therapeutics and Advanced Sequencing
Module 5: Evaluations for Teachers, Business of Yoga

Dates, and other course information for students and teachers…

Yoga Psychology Lecture Dr. Guislain  Katherine Walker Smith Yoga and...
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